Copyright & Intellectual Property

Within Australia, almost everything that you create is covered by some form of copyright without you having to file paperwork or even state that your work is copyrighted. The creation has to be an original work, and the copyright lasts for the life of the creator and then an additional 70 years. From a shopping list, to a masterpiece – they are treated equally under Australian copyright law.

However, copyright doesn’t protect ideas and information, only what you physically create with those ideas and information.

When blogging, we need to make sure that all the content we create is all our own original work. When using any form of content or media that was not created by our own original thought, we need to make sure that there is a Creative Commons License in place or we obtain explicit written permission from the creator of the original work. We need to be aware of the kind of Creative Commons license an original work has, and follow the rules of that license accordingly.


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