Analysis – Evaluation

I have figured out that I have several reasons why I use the online world and social media, as most of my days looked quite similar in terms of the kinds of social media I was using. These are some of the reasons I gathered:

  • Vanity – I want to be known, I want people to know who I am (whether that be for my appearance, my work or my online persona).
  • Education – I am obsessed with learning, education and bettering myself. I often use the internet to educate myself, find answers to my problems and I feel that I am skilled at knowing where to find that information.
  • Business – I heavily rely on social media, blogging, my website and people finding my work through things like hashtags. It is an amazing way to connect with people within and outside of your network, it is incredibly valuable to me.
  • Boredom and entertainment – I often find myself aimlessly using the internet and my social media feeds for entertainment. From memes, videos, stories and more, I love to be entertained.
  • Netflix & Stan – I absolutely binge watch both of these streaming services for entertainment, background noise and to feed my obsession with pop culture.
  • Supporting my friends – social media is a huge opportunity to validate people. That could be by liking a rant post they made about their day, commenting on a beautiful selfie they took of themselves, sharing a cause or event they are running – there are so many opportunities to show people support and make them feel good.

Some of these areas I plan to explore within my essay, as there is a lot of why people use social media and how it both helps and hinders them. Social media and the online space lets people be whoever they want to be, giving them a platform to express themselves and potentially even feel more valued. Though I think that this concept has both positive and negative aspects to it.

As a photographer, the world is my oyster through the use of social media. But there is a line to maintain between your professional presence and your online persona. I think it’s important to manage both, because people not only want to work with you because of what you can create, but what kind of person you are. Some people would classify themselves as more a ‘viewer’ or ‘consumer’ of social media as opposed to a creator or author. For me, I know that it is important to be both.

I invest a lot of time on social media and the digital world, because I want to be up to date, interactive and accessible. However, it is incredibly easy to get caught up and stop presenting yourself in a way that other people might find ‘acceptable’. I’m very interested in the idea of online personas, I think there is a lot of psychological intrigue into that topic and I would like to explore it within my essay.



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