Analysis – Reflecting on the Reflection

Through tracking my social media, as well as through the readings and information I have learnt within this course there are a number of ideas that have stayed with me, or that I have figured out:

  • Whether you are a viewer, author, publisher or distributor (or whatever combination of these you are), really will define your success and development within the online space.
  • I should be putting the immense amount of time that I spend on social media to more beneficial use. Spend more time creating and distributing relevant and useful content, rather than just consuming.
  • What have been used for in the past, and what potential do they have for the future? Blogs provide us with so many opportunities and that space is constantly evolving.
  • “Unlike books in network literacy we become peers in the system, and indeed to be ‘good’ at network literacies is to contribute as much as it is to consume”
  • We need to be wary of any form of potential copyright infringements when creating and curating content. If you didn’t create it, you need to be aware of what you can and can’t do with that content.
  • “Today’s digital literacies can make the difference between being empowered or manipulated, serene or frenetic”

These are some of the topics and issues I plan on touching on through my essay. I think what is missing from all of these texts however, is not only how we use social media but how social media influences and shapes us and our behaviour. There is a lot of psychology behind how we use and create for social media, and I think that is a topic worth investigating. Tracking my own social media usage and evaluating the ‘why’ of what I was doing online, has told me a lot about myself and the kind of digital presence I have, and want to have. I need to focus more on condensing my ideas through critical language and explanation. Being away from university for 2 years  and being from an incredibly visual background, sometimes I find it difficult to put my critical thinking into words.



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