Day 1 – Social Media, Birthday Style

Tuesday 21st of March
For the next 7 days, I will be documenting my online media usage to uncover some of my own behaviours, look at how I interact with the online space and use this material to write about further.

Today was my birthday, so my social media and online use was a little different to my normal day-to-day use. I began my morning with the google search ‘Things you get for free on your birthday in Melbourne’, I did this because I wanted to take advantage of the fact that it was my birthday and lots of companies offer freebies or discounts because of this. I found these websites most helpful in my Google Search:
The Melbourne Cheapskate (now known as CHUG)
This is an example of these websites authoring, publishing & distributing content for me to find, all I did was read the information given to me. From this article, I signed up to a few mailing lists and loyalty programs so that I would reap the benefits (downloaded the Boost Juice App & signed up for loyalty program, signed up for the Pancake Parlour mailing list to receive a free ‘Sweet Treat’).

A few weeks prior to my birthday, I had created a Facebook event so that I could invite friends and also keep them updated about plans for the evening. On this day, this is what I posted into the event:
Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.09.37 am

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.10.31 am.png

This is an example of both authoring, publishing and distributing as I created the post, published it but also made sure it was distributed on the right platform (my event) so all my friends who were attending would be notified about it.

At the end of the evening, a large portion of my friends were a no show to my Birthday Dinner. In true Jaimie fashion (mostly because I’m known for my entertaining rants), I posted a series of videos of me talking on to my Snapchat story (something that all my Snapchat friends could see, including some of the people who did not show up to the dinner). I authored these videos and published them to my Snapchat Story (which people can only view for 24hrs) expressing my unhappiness in the fact that friends for some reason do not make the effort on people’s birthdays, even though it’s the one day of the year that is truly about that person. I then had a lot of people reply to my snapchat story wishing me happy birthday, and also expressing the same frustration I was experiencing because the same thing had happened to them. I originally posted the story to vent my frustration, get support from my snapchat friends and also hoped that some of the friends who did not attend would feel guilty.

Once I was laying in bed at the end of the evening (which is where I tend to use the online space and social media a lot), I opened up one of my favourite apps called Timehop. Timehop allows you to see all your past posts from the social media you have connected (I have Facebook and Instagram, but you can attach others) on that day. My posts sometimes go all the way back to 9 or 10 years ago as that’s how long I’ve been working with those platforms. Being my birthday, it showed me lots of past celebrations and moments (both photos, videos and written posts that I have previously authored).

Lastly, I viewed a friend’s post on Instagram about an App she had used to highlight that places of the world that she had been to and because she had only visited 8% of the world it had inspired her to start planning her next time. Thinking of myself as a traveller and someone who loves to explore and see the world, I went on to the App Store on my iPhone and downloaded the free ‘Been’ app. I was sad to say that when I put in all the places I have been in the world (it gives you a map based on the world and also by the USA), I hadn’t seen anywhere near as much as I had hoped:

This is a form of authoring as I had to input the information that was unique for myself & my experience. By creating screenshots of the App and posting it on this blog, it is a form of publishing.


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