Day 2 – Sashay Away

Wednesday 22nd March

Today I had a day off at home, and I used the opportunity to ‘organise my life’ and be productive with university work. For the first part of my morning, I was cleaning and organising my room while watching episodes of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ on the online streaming service Stan. The show is about Drag Queens, I absolutely love it and had it playing while I was cleaning because I REALLY hate cleaning, the show lightened my mood. This content is distributed to me to watch.

I am very interested in my social media following, my platform and hope to continue to grow my reach. My online persona is a business as both my photography business and my upcoming Intimo business are both part of my ‘Jaimie Nicole’ online persona. I use an app called ‘Followers’ which helps me to keep track of when I am losing or gaining followers, helping me to understand what my audience does and doesn’t like. This information updated when I enter the app, and is available for me to look through within 30 seconds.

My friend posted on Facebook asking for suggestions for any ‘sassy glasses’, and one of my favourite sunglasses companies called Valley Eyewear also makes beautiful frames (and what I knew she was meaning by sassy) for glasses too. I sent her a screenshot of their instragram account rather than just posting their name, as this way she could get a visual sample of their style and also have no confusion with what company I was talking about. The post is here. I posted because I knew she would like them, and she is my friend so I want her to be happy. I distributed the picture of the sunglasses/glasses company on that Facebook post for others to see, in a comment that I authored.

One of my friends is travelling the UK, and with the attack in Westminster I was anxious to know that she was okay. I went to her Facebook page and she had already ‘marked herself as safe’ on The Attack on Westminster Safety Check on Facebook. I liked this post because I relieved to know that she was okay. You can find the post here. I authored my like on that post as I interacted with it, but the content was published and distributed on her Facebook page for myself and others to find.

I watched and liked a video that was in my Facebook feed about a man in India who has created incredibly cost effective sanitary items for women living in poverty. You can find it here. I like to try and stay on top of current issues, anything that involves female empowerment and videos are the best way that I understand information presented to me.


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