Day 3 – Beauty Queen

Today I participated in some social media activities that were geared towards artistic, as I had a huge focus on getting inspired and planning some photo shoots for university work.

Creating a Pinterest Board on my already inspiration filled Pinterest account seemed like the most effective place to get all my visuals in one place. I began to use the ‘Search’ feature, looking for key words that I hoped would bring up my chosen aesthetic. These included: Witchy, Gothic, Avant Garde, Salem, Witchcraft and Fierce. As I found images that appealed to me and what I was trying to achieved, I ‘pinned’ them to my board to save as a collective group to view later. This was a combination of publishing work (even though it’s re-posting) to my Pinterest account, this is then distributed to my followers and anyone else who uses the relevant keywords to bring them to my board. While it could be argued that I did author this content in some shape or form, I feel that because I didn’t add any captions or information to the image, it wasn’t quite authoring. I use pinterest specifically because it is an excellent way to curate my ideas, get inspiration and generate new ideas for my work.

For university, my class was to visit a Photography studio with one of my classes. When I’m meeting industry professionals, I always attempt to dress to impress and leave a positive, memorable impression. I used the ‘Search’ function on instagram to search #eyeshadow and #makeup to hopefully bring up some new eye looks to try. Once I had finished my makeup, I took a photograph with my iPhone and also uploaded it to my Instagram account. The searching was making use of the information that had been distributed to me through hashtags, where as the ‘makeup selfie’ involved authoring, publishing and distributing. I published this image because I was proud of the way it looked, as well as I know this kind of content is what my Instagram followers like.IMG_1518

On my Safari bookmarks, I have an obnoxious amount of websites saved. Today I thought it was appropriate for me to remove some of these, change their order and organise them into useful folders. Here is an example of my folder structure (or atleast the beginning before I got distracted).

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 7.38.04 pm

I found it hard to define what I was doing here in terms of authoring, publishing and distributing. In a way, I think I authored the organisation of the content which has been distributed to me at various stages of my life.


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    Best blog I’ve ever read 10/10


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