Day 4 – The most boring of days.

Today was a relatively low-use social media day as my main focus was on university work, while watching episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Stan (as discussed in earlier posts). I stream through Stan because I have a membership, it is easy to use and I watch the show for entertainment and inspiration purposes.

For the little social media use I did have today, I did mostly through my iPhone. Which included:

  • Sharing this video on my Facebook page due to my excitement about the next season of the show (an anime called Attack on Titan to be released. The video can be found here. This was in the form of both publishing and distributing the content through my Facebook Page.
  • I liked this post made by Colossal on Facebook, showcasing what Peacock feathers look like under the microscope. As my mark and name is put on the video when I like it, this is a form of authoring. But by liking something on Facebook, it is likely this will pop up on the Facebook feeds of my friends & followers. That is also the case with this video of Adele getting attacked by a beetle on stage, which I also liked.

I enjoy looking through Facebook as a ‘boredom’ killer, as my feed often consists of memes, funny videos, interesting articles and it’s a way to stay update with my friends and acquaintances.

Later in the evening, an idea popped into my head for a photographic series that I want to create. So I used both Google and Pinterest to use the keywords and themes to check if anything like it had already been created. I was unable to find anything quite like it, but I was filtering through content that was distributed to me by my choice of search terms. I did this search as a point of research, questioning if I had come up with the idea or if it is something I had seen previously and subconsciously manifested into an ‘idea’.


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