Day 5 – Support Self Love, Like Your Friend’s Selfies

I had the day off and also spent the evening being social with friends, so there was a whole range of social media interactions that occurred today.

My obsession with the TV Show ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ that I’ve been watching on Stan (mentioned in previous posts) has become very apparent. But I do find the appearance of some of the Drag Queens to be incredibly inspiring. I used Google search to find some of my favourite contestants from Season 5 and revisit their looks from the season. Then, I went onto Instagram and attempted to find the Instagram accounts of many of these Drag Queens so that I could follow them and interact with their content regularly. This both for inspirational and entertainment purposes, as I enjoy many aspects of their drag persona.

For my birthday, I received a makeup palette called ‘Alchemist’ by Kat Von D. These are all very holographic and reflective colours, and I was curious to see how people have been using these colours. I googled “How to us Kat Von D Alchemist Palette Shadows” and looked in Google Images and found his extremely informative image.¬†Everything I have done so far with social media today has been a form of using content that has been distributed me through my use of search terms. I did this to educate myself, get ideas and help me use the product more efficiently.

Before I left for my social gathering, I took a photo of myself with my iPhone and uploaded it to Instagram. This is a combination of authoring, publishing and distributing. I did this because my instagram following seems to react well to my selfies, as well as it does boost my ego in some way (if i’m being truthful) as well as I think of my instagram as a documentation of my life (I never delete anything, nt even ex-boyfriends etc). Throughout the day and the evening, I liked a bunch of images and posts on Facebook and Instagram. When I see my friends posting selfies, I will always like or comment because to me it is important to support your friends and make them feel good about themselves. I am both authoring and publishing these comments of their posts.


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