Day 6 – Snap Queen

After being out on Saturday night, I always love to lay in my bed on a Sunday morning and watch the Snapchat stories that my friends have posted of their shenanigans of the night before. This content is distributed to me as a snapchat friend for 24hrs from their creation. My friends also get notified if I have watched their story, so in a way I’m choosing for my mark to get left on their snapchat story in some way through authoring. I do this for entertainment and to stay updated with the lives of my friends.

As I’m launching my Intimo Lingerie business shortly, I spent a lot of time on Intimo’s website watching educational videos to help me learn about the products, as well as scrolling through their Instagram account to get a feel for their posts. Once again, this was using the content that was distributed to me. I did this for educational purposes and to build a knowledge base about the products I am going to be selling.

Today I interacted with websites and reviews as I tried to compare the website hosting/creation platforms that are ‘Zenfolio’ and ‘Squarespace’. I visited a number of different blogs and still found my decision between the two very 50-50. I did this because I am nervous about investing money into a platform that is not going to satisfy my needs. I often spend time researching before investing in long term solutions to my problems.

Later in the evening, I was taken out on a lady date by my friend to HOYTS LUX at Melbourne Central to see ‘Beauty and the Beast’. I checked up in on Facebook, sharing my enthusiasm about seeing the film. This is an example of authoring and publishing, this was then distributed to anyone who was my friend on Facebook in their feed. I did this to show a form of appreciation to my friend for taking me out, but also to keep my friends updated on what I was doing.


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