Day 7 – Getting’ Down to Business

I once again looked through the Intimo Instagram account and saved/screenshot images that they allow us to use for our own business purposes on social media. I was saving these with the intent to potentially publish them at some point, but I was only consuming the content that was being presented to me at this stage. As part of Intimo, I also created a Private Facebook Group so that I could get it ready (add content, make it look professional) to invite VIP clients and customers to, so they can have a more interactive experience with me and my business. This was a form of authoring content, with the intent to publish and invite specific people to it at a later date.

I did spend some time on my social media platforms today (mostly Facebook and Instagram as always), liking and interacting with a variety of content. Including:

  • This meme that relates to my life (or my inability to stay focused on one task).
  • This post in a group I am a part of called ‘Cool Dog Group’, where someone shared adorable Shiba Inu dressed in costume.
  • I saved this gif post for me to look at later, as it reminded me how inspiring the costumes and content in The Fifth Element are.
  • Posted the following post on my Facebook page, announcing my new Intimo business with friends and family.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 9.38.32 pm

While most my Facebook usage for the day was to ‘kill boredom’ and for entertainment, the aspects of my usage that involved into were for business. I wanted to generate some awareness between my friends and family that I am starting my own Intimo Business, with the hope they will support me and my journey.


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