Copyright & Intellectual Property

Within Australia, almost everything that you create is covered by some form of copyright without you having to file paperwork or even state that your work is copyrighted. The creation has to be an original work, and the copyright lasts for the life of the creator and then an additional 70 years. From a shopping list, to a…

Ethics in the Online Space

When you are publishing and creating content for the public space online, your potential audience expands exponentially. Your work, content and thoughts become public and once you’ve put something online there is almost no way to remove it permanently. There is a responsibility to be fair, honest and respectful towards those who are also part…

Audio in Blogging

Song is ‘My Heart’ by Different Heaven & EH!DE. Source: Here. Creative Commons License Information can be found here. No changes have been made to the content.

Video in Blogging

While this video is hosted on YouTube, the video content is created by yours truly. I reserve all rights to my video content. However, the music content is all credited and linked as stated by the supplier ‘No Copyright Sounds’. The license information can be found here. ♡ Music Provided by No CopyrightSounds: MIKO by…

Blog Interface

Here is a doodle that I did about the interface of the ‘home page’ of my blog, which is basically just a structured list of my blog posts in reverse chronological order.  

Creative Commons License

‘PRODUCT SHOOT’ BY Shawn Spencer-Smith Original Image can be found here & Creative Commons License can be found here. No changes were made to this image from it’s original state.


Akismet was discussed today in class. We have this enabled as it is a comment spam filtering system. It uses algorithms to catch spam blog comments, and in 2013 it had caught more than 83 Billion spam comments. It learns from it’s mistakes and uses participating websites to constantly improve. A Plugin is a piece…